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Yields1 Serving

What you'll Need
 16 Cloths
 1 Something to hold your cloths*
 1 tsp Dr. Bronners Castile Soap
 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
 2 cups Hot Water
 20 drops Essential oils, Optional

Wet and ring out the wipes warmer pillow then place in the bottom of warmer. This keeps the wipes wet and warm if you decide to plug it in.If you don't have this you can skip this step


Fold in half and roll the cloths to fit in the container. We do two layers which works out to be about 16 cloths.


Mix the coconut oil into the hot water until dissolved.


Add the castile soap and optional essential oils.
If you choose to use essential oils this is when you would add them.
Our favourite combo is 10 drops tea tree & 10 drops lavender.


Pour over cloths and voila!


Use as needed. When soiled with pee just wash as normal. If soiled with poop just rinse by either swishing in the toilet or using a diaper sprayer.