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Vlogmas Day 2 | DIY Festive Wall Art

Im still getting used to the idea of vlogging. I feel like I'm not really all that interesting when its just me talking to the camera. This is the reason I will be adding fun tutorials of all kinds to my Vlogmas 2014. One of my most popular … [Read More...]

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VLOGMAS Day 1 | Throwing Up Christmas

December 1st is here and we have one more month left of the year. Last year I took part in vlogmas where I (tried) to upload to my youtube channel everyday from the 1st to 24th of December. I did ok but I didn't make it all the way. This year Im … [Read More...]


Holiday Haul |Bath & BodyWorks

Holiday fever has hit me...hard. I look forward to the holidays every year and get anxious after halloween for December 1st to start the festive decorations. This year I caved, I was wondering the mall as one would trying to stay on task with … [Read More...]