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DIY Glitter Office Accessories

DIY Glitter Office Accessories

Let’s face it – going to work isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world whether you work from home or not.  So what can you do to make your space more exciting? Cute office supplies. Seriously! I have fun folders, pens and tools to … [Read More...]


Vlogmas Day 2 | DIY Festive Wall Art

Im still getting used to the idea of vlogging. I feel like I'm not really all that interesting when its just me talking to the camera. This is the reason I will be adding fun tutorials of all kinds to my Vlogmas 2014. One of my most popular … [Read More...]

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VLOGMAS Day 1 | Throwing Up Christmas

December 1st is here and we have one more month left of the year. Last year I took part in vlogmas where I (tried) to upload to my youtube channel everyday from the 1st to 24th of December. I did ok but I didn't make it all the way. This year Im … [Read More...]